It’s That Time of Year Again

It was a great week here at the Ugly Bunny! We started harvesting our Leon Millot grapes. If you live in Ohio and remember the last snow of the season on May 9, and those below freezing temperatures for a few days following, we were definitely a little skeptical about how our crop would hold up. The last two pictures uploaded with this post are from that frost. But we are happy that the Leon Millots held up and they are looking really good!

Our Leon Millot is our dry, red and it is one of our more popular wines. Here’s a little background of this grape variety.

Leon Millot is a dark-skinned French-American hybrid grape variety widely grown in the US and parts of Canada. This grape, created in 1911, was developed at the Oberlin Institute in the Colmar, Alsace area by the famous French viticulturist Eugene Kuhlmann. He crossed the hybrid grape Millardetet Grasset with Goldreisling to get this hybrid. The variety derived its name from the winemaker and tree nursery owner Mr. Leon Millot himself.

Leon Millot ripens early, is blue-skinned, grows with fair vigor, and has high resistance against fungal diseases. It is suited for cultivation in cooler climates. As a wine, Leon Millot is light to medium-bodied with a very deep color and a range of berry aromas.

Next time you’re visiting us, make sure you grab a bottle. If you’e never been here, we highly encourage you to stop by and while you’re here, try our Leon Millot. You won’t regret it!

By: Tricia Cunningham


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