Whats New at The Bunny!

It has been a busy summer here at the Bunny.  Food, Wine, and great entertainment was the perfect combination.  As we are entering the fall, our favorite time of year, we thought we would update everyone on what’s happened and happening.

THE KITCHEN IS OPEN!  Many of you know this already, but back in April we started serving a small menu.  Pizzas, Paninis, and other great stuff.  This has been a great addition to the tasting room.  Now you don’t have to bring food in (although you are still welcome to).

NEW WINES!  We have a few new wines coming out this year.  On the sweeter side, we have Cottontail.  This is a sweet white, similar to a moscato type wine with notes of apricot and a grapey finish.  For the dry people, we will be bringing out Flxi-Red.  The name is a tribute to the Flxible company that made its home in Loudonville from 1913 to 1996.  This is a full bodied dry red with notes of chocolate and cherry. Perfect for a nice cool fall day.

STOP THE PRESSES!  This summer we were lucky enough to have a nice article written about us.  Thanks to Tami Mosser for coming out and talking to us!  You can read it here:–ugly-bunny-winery-grows-in-popularity-in-first-two-years?fbclid=IwAR3tTfYzxaXxLwiXm4Il2iNT1tUwcAll7F4k4vmNGGVPXMRFkZOP_PTxZZg

HARVEST UPDATE:  This year was rather disappointing in the vineyard.  Our very narrow rows combined with the large amount of rain in June made for a very tough year.  We got ya covered though.  We are buying plenty of locally grown grapes so we can keep production up.


That’s all for now.. Thanks to everyone that has visited and continues to visit.  We will maintain our entertainment schedule all winter so if you get the blues, come out and listen to one of the many local artists we have every Friday and Saturday.







What’s this name all about?

We are often asked “How did  you come up with the name?”.  Ugly Bunny is our actual pet rabbit.  He is a 5 year old,  Lionhead rabbit that we acquired from my sister one day while hanging out on her patio.


She had just had a litter and most of them were spoken for, except for this little scraggly, runt of the litter.  We already had 3 dogs, a cat, a ball python, a painted turtle, and a bearded dragon so we were not really looking for another pet, but she brought him out and set him on my lap anyway.   Needless to say, we brought him home.

A couple years later, our Loudonville properly came up for sale.  We had picked grapes here before, so we knew the owners. Fabulous people!  We packed up our house in Wooster and headed south.  Once we got moved in,  we were on our way with lots to do.  Buildings to remodel, grapes to take care of, and lots of paperwork to file.

One thing that was nagging us was…we still needed a name.  We opted for “Marsh Vineyards” for the vineyard end of things, but what to call the winery?  There were some ideas like “Marsh Estates” and “Casa del Vino”, and some others that involved Mohican this or that but we needed something fun, so after a few glasses of wine, Ugly Bunny was born.